When Does the Fishing Season Start and What’s the Best Time to Go Fishing?

There is no one answer to the question “When does fishing season start in the US” because every state has their own regulations and different species of fish also have their own seasons. For instance in New Hampshire, you can fish for wild trout in streams from January to September but to fish for wild trout in ponds you’ll have to wait until April. The best course of action is to contact the Department of Fish and Game in your state for the exact start times of different “seasons”.

The Best Time to Go Fishing

The question of the “Best Time to Go Fishing” is a whole ‘nother matter that requires an examination of the various environmental factors that come into play. Let’s have a look at some of those.

  • Light – As a general rule fish prefer the morning to the harsh light of midday. In the morning the light warms the shallows making it more comfortable for fish to feed. Harsh midday sun leads to a decrease in surface oxygen which causes fish to move to deeper waters.check weather before fishing
  • Wind – As the wind pushes the surface food toward the shore bait fish follow it. Where the bait fish go the game fish are never far behind. So if you’re out on the lake on a windy day and getting nary a nibble, stow the boat and take up a position on the shore facing the wind.
  • Clouds – Fish love cloudy days because the water never gets too warm. Consequently, cloudy days are when you’ll find the most fish near the surface trolling for food. At the same time fish are likely to be more widely dispersed on cloudy days.
  • Gentle Rain – Light rain provides you with stealth since the raindrops break up the view fish have of you whether you’re on the shore, wading in the shallows or on a boat. Rain can also wash dead insects and the like from the shore creating an all you can eat buffet for fish.
  • Heavy Rain – Heavy rain clouds the water and makes it difficult for fish to feed, and equally difficult for them to find your bait or lure. When it comes to rivers heavy rain increases the flow which also ma

when is the best time to fish

kes it tough for fish to feed.

  • Storms – Fishing after a cold front moves through is usually not so great. On the other hand, fishing after a warm front pass, especially in the winter, can be excellent since the fish are more comfortable and will come to the surface to feed and enjoy the warmer water there.

Best Time for Deep Sea Fishing

The best time to go deep sea fishing will depend on what type of fish you’re after. If you’re after Yellowfin Tuna you’ll want to go in November, December, and January. If on the other hand, you’re after Red Snappers head out in June or July and so on.

No matter when you go or what you’re after just remember to relax, bring the proper gear and bait and have fun.

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