Trolling Motor Mount Set Reviews

The inflatable boats that come with trolling motor mounts are great for fishing, whitewater rafting, rowing around bays and lakes, yacht tending and many more. You can enjoy cruising on the boat even for longer distances by mounting the motor to your inflatable boat. When you purchase the trolling motor mount from the leading manufacturer, you can avail the one with strong, enduring aluminum supports. It is extremely powerful enough to support 3.0 HP motors and can be easily adjusted and attached. Whether you cruise alone or with your friends, you can enjoy a scenic ride and a trolling adventure on your favorite lake or river on inflatable boats with trolling motor mounts.

Top 5  Trolling Motor Mount Set Reviews


Intex Motor Mount Kit For Intex Inflatable Boats:

Motor Mount Kit from Intex is designed in a way that it lets you to sit back and allow the motor to do its work. All you need to do to have an enjoyable ride is to attach the mount to the intex boats and the motor tobest trolling motor mount set reviews the mount. This kit allows you to attach a motor of 3.5 horsepower to the rear end of the intex boat. This makes it possible for you to give rest to your paddling arms and cruise in comfort. The motor mount is made with high quality, heavy duty support arms that can be attached and detached easily. You need not have to deal with the fussing components when you want to handle the motor. Moreover, the mount can be disassembled quickly after returning back to your home.

This motor mount kit from Intex is compatible with certain inflatable boats and they include Seahawk 2, 3,4; challenger 2, 3, 4; mariner 400; Seahawk II, Excursion 2, 3, 4 and 5. This is one of the best motor mount kits available in the market. This plastic board and brackets are attached together with the help of 2 sets of u bolts. These u bolts also prevent the plastic board from sliding down. One of the best features of this Intex motor mount is that it is compatible even with inflatable boats of other brands even. As they are of very high quality, you will get the best value for your money.


MinnKota MKA-16 02 Aluminum Quick Release Bracket Mounts (Terrova and PD Motors)

MinnKota Quick Release Bracket Mounts include a solid mounting plate which is oriented in single direction. So, it can sit only in one particular way.kayak trolling motor mount If the motor is mounted correction, you can prevent the motor of your boat to slide outside and fall into water. You have to slide the motor into the plate from the inside of the boat. You can use the permanent slot/ pin combo to stop the motor as soon as it reaches the right position. Even a screw set can be used to lock it in its place. You will find a hole in the set screw through which you can attach a piece of cordage and then attach its other end to the boat’s motor. This prevents you from dropping it in the river or lake water.

You will also find a set of holes on the plates which let you to attach the padlock and prevent the motor from being stolen off easily.  Made with high quality aluminum, this motor mount can last for several years. You can take advantages of myriad of features included in it. Quick, secured locking system and easy removal of power drive are some of the amazing features of this bracket mount. The package includes mounting hardware and mounting instructions which let you to mount the motor yourselves. Simply by going through the instruction, you can mount the motor within minutes yourselves without hiring the expert.


Ram Trolling Motor Support Black:

Available in elegant black color, this RAM Trolling Motor Support protects your trolling motor while cruising in waters harshly. This trolling motor support includes a double socket arm, single strap base, round base of 2.5 inches diameter with universal AMPs hole pattern. the single strap is capable of accommodating rails of 0.5 to 2 inches diameter. It also includes canoe trolling motor mountspring-loaded socket arm that can be removed when not used. This RAM trolling motor mount support is made using high grade aluminum protected with black powder coating. It also features a 1.5 inches rubber ball that allows the motor mount to pivot. You can provide complete protection to the shaft, head and mount from potential damages with this RAM Trolling motor support black.

This trolling motor support in black color is designed to take even the small bit of vibration out from the trolling motor. This gives added protection to the important parts of your boat and prevents mount, shaft and head from all sorts of damages. This is must-have gear for the angler who has incorporated a bow mount trolling motor to the boat. The maximum distance which is allowed between the mounting surface of the boat and the low point of trolling motor shaft is just 12 inches. It would be better and compatible if the distances are shorter than 12 inches. It can reduce the shock and vibration, holds the trolling motor in its position and is ideal for harsh water condition. It also comes with lifetime warranty.


Garelick Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket-Horizontal Platform Mount:

This Garelick Stationary Outboard Motor Bracket-Horizontal Platform Mount with fixed heights is appropriate for auxiliary or trolling motors. You can easily lift the auxiliary motor within a short time using this outboard motor brackets. These brackets come with integrated transom angle adjustment that allows optimum positioning of the motor. It includes stainless steel springs that can facilitate in counter bow mount trolling motor bracketbalancing the motor weight. The brackets can lock and hold the motor in up position and pivots down safely for the propulsion.  ThisOutboard Motor Bracket-Horizontal Platform Mount also consists of a 2 inch thick polymer motor pad. There is also a wide board for 2 stroke motors along with 4 position height adjustment option. You will also find 304 stainless steel brackets and hardware along with this platform mount.

You will get a manual instruction along with this package that lets you to install this Outboard Motor Bracket-Horizontal Platform Mount to your boat with ease and convenience. You can use 4 stainless steel bolts and nuts for fixing and place strong plywood under the platform to add strength to the bracket. These motor brackets are designed to be very solid as only high quality materials are used for manufacturing them. You can use motors of around 6 HP or even more than that. It really works great and holds up the motor well. It also lasts for longer time. You will get a lifetime warranty for this product.


TMS® Outboard Motor Mount Bracket Mounting Board Trolling Auxiliary Boat Engine

The outboard motor mount bracket mounting trolling auxiliary boat engine is a widely recommended and also a popular option among many people. Some extraordinary touches and features have been added to it by T-Motorsports and this makes it of a great value to buy. This outboard motor bracket mounting will enable you to rise as well as lower auxiliary and trolling motors with utmost ease. It is built particularly for new four strike, high torque and heavier motors. Being extra wide in 10 ¼ inches, there is a white poly mounting board for wider style and new motor locking clamps. It is capable of accommodating short or long shaft motors. This boat engine part is simple to operate with five vertical position lock bar for compensating boat load conditions as well as water surface.trolling motor bow mount bracket

The presence of twist locks safety knobs protect bracket in place. It is also simpler to hold comfortably, with soft hypalon grip handle crafted to accept the maximum style outboard motor locks. The feature of satin anodized aluminum body withstands corrosion, whereas the 1 ¼ inches thick and extra wide white poly mounting board is maintenance free and weatherable. This mount is suitable for a smaller motor. The aluminum material is quite good and it is really easy to raise or low the trolling motor. The outboard motor mount trolling auxiliary boat engine will definitely be a great acquisition and will serve great for your sailing and boating application. You can experience a better use of it.

Some Easy Step To Install a Bow Mount Trolling Motor

Trolling motor is going to direct the fishing boat. You can fix it easily in your boat, if you know the process. Here is the detail of the process.

Tools Needed

Get the tools that will be required to install the mount. Here are the three things that you need.

  • A wrench kit will be needed with needles and pins
  • Arrange a screw driver for assistance
  • Get a drill and the bits of drill

Steps To Be Covered

Now you have arranged the equipment that you need. So go for the steps that you will have to cover.trolling motor installation

  • There are two sides of a bow. The first one is a starboard and the second one is the port. You can mount any side of the bow, depending on the steering side of the boat. If you are mounting from the portside, mount the motor from starboard side. If you are steering the boat from the starboard side, the motor has to be fixed on the other side.
  • Remove the screws that are securing the panels and then remove the plates. You will find the mounting holes from there.
  • It is necessary to locate the mounting holes, but before that assemble the parts of the motor. Fix the shaft to the motor. The head assembly must be fixed to the mount, and then assembled with the motor. After the assembling, keep the motor in a stand erect position and keep the bow parallel to the side.
  • The shaft must be fixed to the centre of the boat. Keep it as close to the center as possible. While using the trolling motor, you can face issues for drifting. Steering issues can also be found here.
  • Next, you will have to position the mount’s front. After pursuing that you will need to clear the bow tip. It can differ from one motor to other motors, but a flush position is needed. It must not be altered more than one inch in any of the cases.
  • The head of the trolling motor and its positions is to be checked later on. It must nit overhand from the boat side. If it does, you will have to check the position twice. If it is still hanging, you can have to break the motor head. The final markup must be the size of the boat. It must fit the boundary of the boat.
  • Next you will have to drill some holes. A requirement is of two holes of pilot size. It will be better if the mount can be held here by someone. This will ensure that the mount is not shifted to some other position. Use the crews at the drilled holes to fix the motor. The other holes can now be drilled easily without the tension of motor shifting. Remove the shaft or the motor head. It will make the drilling easier.
  • The bottom portion of the bow is now required to be fixed with the screws. This will secure the position of the mount. Now fix the side plates and your task is completed.


Available in various styles, these motor mounts and brackets designed for boats are efficient enough to hold the motor securely. If you purchase these motor mounts from leading manufacturers, you will get the one with high-end features and specifications at the most reasonable prices. These marine products are really innovative and are of very high quality. They are not usually found at local stores and so, you have to look for these products online. You should get these motor mounts and brackets from those companies that take pride in delivering high-quality products of the quality standard within the consumer’s budget.

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